Finance Your Capital Equipment

Wheels and tyres can often be a large part of your farm capital equipment and can lead to difficult decisions around expenditure. Trying to save money by compromising, is nearly always a false economy. Using correct tyres can pay dividends with larger yields and less wear, meaning savings can be seen in a very short time. 

Using finance to ensure you have the right tyres for your specific needs is the smart choice, enabling you to benefit from the best equipment without the capital outlay.  

About Our Finance

There are so many financing options available, it can often be confusing and is why we always recommend speaking to one of our experts to discuss your requirements. Obviously, these can differ from farm to farm, and so it is important to ensure you get the best deal for you.

There are four different options for equipment finance. 1. Leasing, 2. Hire Purchase, 3. Operating Lease & 4. Refinance.

Each option offers different advantages, depending on what you are using your equipment for, your current financial position, how long you will be keeping the equipment and many other variables.

This is why we have partnered with the experts at Clear Finance to help you get the best option to suit your needs. Clear Finance has been offering finance to businesses for over 90 years and will often give you a quote within minutes. We have found them an excellent partner and have no hesitation in recommending them as our preferred finance company. 

Benefits of our finance options include:

  •  UK wide coverage and support.
  • Over 90 years of experience.
  • Industry-leading rates with no hidden fees
  • Quotes in minutes, and funding within days.
  • 95% Approval rate.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • VAT Deferrals.
  • No deposit required.
  • Fixed payments (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually).
  • Terms from 1-7 Years.
  • Seasonal Payments Available (Particularly useful for the Agricultural Industry).
  • Guaranteed Ownership.
  • Payments are 100% Tax Deductible.
  • Settle at any point, you are not locked in.

Finance Options Also Available On All Agricultural Equipment


Our finance packages are not only suited for wheels & tyres. We can offer the best deals available on all your capital expenditure, including tractors, combines, trailers and more.

It’s free to get a quote that will be with you in minutes. Why not give us a try? Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01234 910510.