A new tractor tyre, which is the latest on the block, is the Michelin Axiobib 2 can transmit power from 160 to 550 hp while still protecting the soil.  And that’s powerful…

It is designed with Ultraflex technology fitments for a high-horsepower tractor to deliver very high traction capacity for heavy loads – in fact, 18% more traction.

This 650/65 R42 tyre is compatible with a standard rim. It helps protect the soil for compaction while still providing traction, and it has a 650 mm width for in-furrow ploughing – they also have Narrow Rim Options (NRO) markings on the sidewall, which confirms their load capacity without you having to upgrade to wider wheel rims.

It is an Air-Systems-ready tyre and is compatible with CTIS remote inflation systems with VF (Very High Flexion) technology, consistent with a central tyre inflation system that enables the tractor to run at a higher pressure on the road and reduced pressure in the field.

So, whether you are using your tractor for spreading fertiliser and muck, corn carting, drilling, or hedge-cutting, the Michelin Axiobib 2 tyre won’t be put off by the heavy loads on the rear axles – in fact, you’ll find they make light work of any weight-bearing task.

They can limit soil compaction due to their broad footprint and the pressures of just 0.75 bar on the fronts and 1.0 bars on the rears.

If you are prepared to spend a bit more on an excellent quality tyre because you know you ultimately save money and hassle in the long-run, then you can’t go far wrong in opting for these great Michelin tyres.

For a quiet and smooth ride, these tyres really are the business…

Suppose ploughing, drilling, and cultivation are the order of your farming day. In that case, you’ll find that Michelin’s new Michelin’s AxioBib 2 tyres can run at extremely low pressures to limit the soil compaction and prevent crop damage and can also boast the highest load capacity on the VF 650/65 R42 174D/171E market – providing you with exceptional traction for heavy machinery.

The AxioBib 2 is designed for 160hp to 320hp tractors. Therefore, it has enabled Michelin to offer a patented Ultraflex technology tyre for all high-horsepower tractors, which bridges the gap between the existing XeoBib (80hp – 220hp, depending on usage) and AxioBib (300+hp) ranges.

New farm machinery is increasingly heavy, and each VF 650/65 R42 AxioBib 2 tyre can carry an extra 2,450kg at 65kph more than the same size Michelin MultiBib tyre.

Another great thing about these tyres is that they are now available in a number of brand-new sizes –

  • Diam 1.95m : Larg 650 mm : VF 650/65 R 42 174D/171E and VF 540/65 R 30 158D/155E
  • Diam 2.15m : Larg 650 mm : VF 650/85 R 42 183D/180E and VF 620/75 R 30 172D/169E.

The never-ending demand for greater agricultural tyre performance continues, and Michelin’s new tyre design provides a functional interface between the power unit and the soil.

So, if you want to see a tyre in all its glory, you should check out Michelin’s faster, wider and bigger Axiobib 2, without getting yourself into a spin…

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