Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyre belongs to a new generation of agricultural tyres that has created its own segment in the market since its launch. It is the result of a collaboration between the engineering and development team at Michelin and agricultural contractors from across Europe.

Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyres was launched after over two years of extensive research and testing and are designed to be specifically compatible with 200+ hp tractors. It is meant particularly for farmers/construction workers using their tractor on and off the field extensively and for towing heavy loads. These tyres are designed for high-performance, traction, longevity and versatility.

The Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyres has become the highlight of the company’s agricultural tyre line-up since its launch. As the 200+ hp Tractors are becoming more common and popular in the agricultural landscape, it was a challenge for Michelin to design and develop versatile tyres that can offer optimal performance and are equally efficient on and off the field. One of the key reasons behind RoadBib tyres’ development is that high-powered tractors spend half of their time on the road, accounting for more than 80 per cent of the total distance travelled. Let us briefly review some of the top features and benefits offered by Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyres.

Top features of Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyre –

  • Available in various sizes for front and rear axle applications, contact us for more info and pricing.
  • Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyres surprisingly features a revolutionary tread design than the usual lugged tread design. It has a wide footprint and a shallow tread with a total of 52 blocks.
  • The tyre also features a central rib, which is meant to reduce plant damage, safeguard against soil crushing, and offers a better grip on the road.
  • Due to vertical evacuation paths on these tyres, it offers better control and grip on wet roads.
  • These are directional tyres and lasts much longer than other traditional tractor tyres.
  • Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyre offers a wear indicator and also accepts studs for various applications.

Benefits Offered By Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyre – 

  • Compared to Michelin’s MachXBib tyre, RoadBib tyre would reduce fuel consumption by nearly 5%.
  • Michelin RoadBib tyres’ average lifespan is 25 per cent more than other tractor tyres in the market.
  • The tyre’s sculpture configuration greatly limits sound impact and cabin variation and, as a result, enhances the driving pleasure and ride comfort.
  • These tractor tyres are known for quiet operation and running.
  • Low rolling resistance is also one of the features known to contribute to fuel savings.
  • Experience reduced soil crushing, better comfort, and reduce plant damage with Michelin RoadBib tyres.
  • It has an average lifespan of 5,000 hours in service, nearly 1,000 hours more than other agricultural tyre variants.
  • Perfectly suitable for both on-field and off-field work.
  • These tyres offer better operator comfort than their counterparts.
  • These tyres have 20 per cent more rubber touching the ground, which means better driving comfort and control.

Michelin RoadBib Tractor Tyres has revolutionized the tractor tyres segment from the time of its launch. Michelin has gone all guns blazing when it comes to innovation with this product and have plans to upgrade it in the near future. Having created a niche in itself, Michelin’s RoadBib Tractor Tyres marks the beginning of a new era of agricultural tyres that are versatile, high-performance oriented, and long-lasting, not to mention highly economical as well in the long-term. S-Tyres are proud to offer the best prices on Michelin Agricultural tyres throughout the UK.